PSVR Horror Title Don’t Knock Twice Available as Physical Release (NA)

If VR bullet hell is not your cup of tea, perhaps a horror game would be more your speed? Starting today, you can pick up a physical version of Don’t Knock Twice and get up close and personal with things that go bump in the night.

The story sends you to a haunted house to search for your missing daughter. The design is based on an actual Welsh home, and you can look for clues and examine, use, or combine items in first-person.

Despite you seeming to be a home invader, you are not the scariest person in the game. In addition to the terror of a missing child, you will have to contend with the fierce attacks of Baba Yaga. Trying to walk around a dark and spooky house is bad enough, but fighting a supernatural witch should add plenty of frightening moments.

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You can pick up the game for $39.99, and, it is rated M for Mature.

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