PSVR is Getting a JRPG MMO Called Zenith and It Looks Amazing

Fans of JRPGs and MMOs are definitely being catered to with this latest PSVR announcement: a JRPG MMO called Zenith.

Ramen VR has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that it will be bringing Zenith to PSVR, though, curiously, there’s no promise of a 2021 release date.

The game is billed as a JRPG MMO where players can meet up, pal around, climb a skyscraper, and even embark on adventures together, all inside their PSVR headsets.

It’s not all about combat, mind you. While you can go on quests with mates (or alone) and battle against evil monsters, you’re also free to just explore the open world at your own pace. The announcement mentions that players will be able to climb anything, so long as they have the stamina for it, and even glide across the map. Sound familiar? Breath of the Wild VR, anyone? Of course, that’s a bit sly to say because Zenith is completely different, but… there’s no denying where its inspirations come from.

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There’s no release date or even a window, which leads me to suspect this could be a PSVR 2 release. You heard it here first…

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