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PSVR Mega Pack With 5 Games Releasing This Autumn in Europe

If you’re interested in PSVR but haven’t made the jump yet, hold of a second and wait until Sony releases the new PSVR Mega Pack that includes five top games, and hopefully you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

Announced today over on the PlayStation Blog, the PSVR Mega Pack is coming to Europe this Autumn, and it includes five of the best games you can play on the headset. Well, kind of. PlayStation VR Worlds is a bit crap, but it’s a good introduction to the various capabilities of VR, and The London Heist is worth it alone, but make sure you pick up Blood & Truth at some point.

The whole package includes the PSVR headset, all the applicable cables, a PS Camera, and vouchers for five games: PlayStation VR Worlds, Resident Evil 7, AstroBot, Everybody’s Golf VR and Skyrim VR. Unfortunately PS Move wand controllers are not included in the package. To get the best experience in some games, they really are the best option.

Strangely, there’s no price announced for this bundle. I’ve scoured the blog post and the official PlayStation Twitter account for a hint of pricing, but there isn’t any. Perhaps this’ll be announced in the next State of Play? Or maybe it’ll be announced on a random Tuesday. Who bloody knows. All that’s known right now is that it’s coming this Autumn. If it’s priced right – under £250 – this could represent massive value for money and give the PSVR playerbase a massive boost this Autumn/Winter. We’ll see.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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