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PSVR RPG Shadow Legend VR Gets a New Trailer Showing Bloody Dismemberment

Vitruvius VR, the development house behind Shadow Legend VR, has released a brand new trailer today for its upcoming RPG – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The new trailer, which is embedded up above, gives us a quick look at the game’s combat mechanics, and they are brutal. If you’re not a fan of bloody dismemberment, I suggest you skip the trailer (and maybe even the full release.)

The trailer opens with the player character engaged in sword-on-sword combat with a zombie-looking enemy before the player character proceeds to lop off one of the baddies’ arms. Then the other one. Then his head… The visuals might not be life-like, but I can certainly see myself being a bit grossed out by the game’s combat.

Shadow Legend VR will release on February 21st for PCVR headsets, and a PSVR release is set to follow. There’s no confirmed release date as of yet, though the developer has previously stated that it is targeting a May 2019 release. Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan…

Shadow Legend VR is a full-on RPG experience built from the ground-up for virtual reality. According to the developers this was so that everything inside the game could be designed around the strengths and shortfalls of virtual reality. It’s an interesting game for sure, so be on the lookout for more Shadow Legend VR content from Pure PlayStation in the near future.

Source: YouTube

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