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PSVR Shooter Farpoint Launches May 16th on PS4

This is old news, really, isn’t it? We first told you about Farpoint’s PSVR/PS4 release date around a month ago, but now it has since been confirmed by the official PlayStation Twitter account that Impulse Gear’s Farpoint will release this coming May 16th.

For those not in the know, Farpoint will be the first PSVR game that utilises a dedicated peripheral for gunplay – the PSVR Aim Controller. There’s a fair few other first-person shooters available on PSVR right now, but they all require you to use the PS Move wands. Farpoint will be taking things in a brand new direction by implementing the PSVR Aim Controller, so you’ll actually feel like you’re holding a gun rather than waving two silly sticks around.

There’s still no word on pricing as of yet, though we imagine this one will be a little more expensive than most PSVR releases due to the need for the PSVR Aim Controller, but we’ll keep you updated when we know more.


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