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PSVR Shooter VR Invaders Trophies Don’t Include a Platinum

Trophy hunters, get yourself a neck brace because you’re about to do some vigorous head shaking. Upcoming PSVR shooter VR Invaders is just around the corner, though we’ve managed to get our hands on the game’s trophies ahead of release. The good news is that it seems to be pretty straightforward in getting 100% of the trophies, but the bad news is that there’s no platinum gong.

While we’re not all that fussed about spending countless hours to add another platinum to the collection, we imagine that some will be less than pleased at the omission.

The trophies are listed down below if you’re interested in seeing what’s what.

Who’s our damsel in distress today?
Reach Alice Gella

That damned microwave
Fight the AI

How long’s it been?
Meet Samuel

Galaxy Border 8
Shoot 25 enemy bullets during one mission

So now I’m, what, a gladiator?
Reach x10 combo

Is this all just a game for you?
Reach x20 combo

Well deserved sleep
Destroy 25 enemy drones in slow mo during one mission

The debugger gave me a gun and a shield
Complete a level, taking no damage

Run, hide, improvise
Complete a level, not using slow mo power

If zombies could infect rocks and trees
Reach wave 10 in survival mode

A bunch of disoriented bees
Survive for 3 minutes in target practice mode

A much-loved celebrity
Complete a level and earn 3 gold stars

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