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PSVR Stock is Finally Available on Amazon UK

Ready your wallets and get your clicking fingers primed for action: Amazon UK finally has PSVR stock in its warehouses and it’s ready to be bought and shipped to you right now.

The UK arm of Amazon has been without stock for quite a while and it has left many a would-be PSVR player in the dark. Earlier this month Amazon stated that we’d see more stock in early February, but as luck would have it the pricey headset has made its way to UK shores a little earlier than expected.

Buy PSVR here from Amazon UK.

It’s worth bearing in mind that, at the time of writing, the only available option is the base PSVR unit. So you’ll literally just get the headset and no controllers or camera. If you want the complete package you’ll need to shell out for the PS4 camera and a couple of PS Move wands. This’ll bring the full cost up to well over £400, and then you still need to fork out for games. Ouch…

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