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PSVR UK Stock Expected at the Beginning of February, Deliveries up to February 20th

PSVR stock has been a little hard to come by for those that live in the UK. Elsewhere in Europe, stock is fairly easy to come by, yet the tea-loving isles of the UK are still awaiting new stock to arrive.

The good news is that the PSVR will be in stock with Amazon in just a few short weeks. Reddit user Jonny901901 has been kind enough to share his experience with Amazon UK’s customer service team. The screenshot of the conversation has the customer service rep stating that the earliest shipping date for the PSVR will be February 4th, 2017.

We’ve since contacted Amazon under a couple of different accounts to see if there’s any truth to this, and of the three reps we chatted to they all gave the same reply. We’re inclined to believe, then, that this is in fact pretty kosher. People still say that, yeah?

It’s still not ideal but at least it’s only a month away and not more. Of course there’s always the option of buying a unit from a third-party seller or a used headset via eBay and the like, though we’d advise against it as most prices are sky-high due to the shortage.

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the PSVR? Will you be getting a headset via Amazon when they’re back in stock? Give us a nod down in the comments section below.

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