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PSVR Updates to Version 4.10 With PS4 6.00 Firmware Update

Yesterday saw the release of firmware update 6.00 for Sony’s PlayStation 4. As I mentioned in that very article yesterday, the update is a bit of a disappointment. It doesn’t bring any new features, so it’s not the normal big numbered update.

It wasn’t just the PS4 that got updated, though, as the PSVR system software has also been updated, this time to version 4.10. However, it’s a similar story to the 6.00 update; it does nothing of note.

The update for the PSVR is really small, too. The PS4 6.00 update clocked in at just under 500MB, while the PSVR update is a paltry 10MB download.

You should find that when you next boot up your PSVR headset, you’ll be prompted to update to the latest firmware. Failing that, you can always go into the system menus and manually initiate the download and installation.

So there you have it, two new update, no new features. Just a whole lot of that much-needed stability…

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