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PSVR Version 2 Could Be Wireless

We’ve been expecting news of a PSVR version 2 for a while. After all, that’s what these tech companies do – revamp their products and rerelease them. But up to now the headset has remained quite untouched, with Sony even saying all current hardware will be supported by the PlayStation 5. However, it might be getting a new model sooner than they implied.

That’s if these patent plans are anything to go by.

The draughted ideas have been uncovered by LetsGoDigital, who were also responsible for that PS5 development setup leak. But they originate from February, so they could have easily come into fruition by now. Or just another scrap of paper in the waste bin.

So, what could we be getting, I hear you ask.

Well, a wireless headset for a start. Whereby all data is transferred via Bluetooth. And integrated cameras – to the front and rear – capable of projecting your surroundings into your line of sight. A transparency, of sorts, designed to probably keep you safe when moving. Or perhaps even for more augmented reality applications.

In addition to those 3 cameras, a fourth is also positioned on the controller. Whilst a fifth is an optional, standalone extra. Finally, LEDs and a microphone will again make an appearance.

All in all, it’s very recognisable. Just without the trailing wires and probably an inbuilt power pack. But then again it was never going to break the mould – a PSVR headset is a PSVR headset after all.

If the PSVR 2 is a thing, when would you expect it to launch? Would they really wait until the PlayStation 5 drops in late 2020? Share with us your opinion in the box below.


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