PSVR Zombie Shooter After the Fall Gets First Action-Packed Gameplay Trailer

after the fall zombies

Left 4 Dead isn’t in VR, but if it was it would surely look a little something like After the Fall, a new zombie co-op game for VR headsets releasing this summer.

Vertigo Games, the developer behind After the Fall, has finally come through with some gameplay footage fo the upcoming co-op shooter. Was it worth the wait? Yes. Yes it was.

The new gameplay teaser trailer gives us a glimpse at the game running on PCVR and it looks a little familiar, especially if you’ve played Left 4 Dead or even World War Z over the last few years.

Being that the game is a four-player co-op zombie shooter, comparisons with the aforementioned games were always going to be inevitable. But it’s not just a cheap VR knock-off – it’s a full-fledged production from one of the top developers of virtual reality games. Vertigo Games previously developed and released Arizona Sunshine to critical acclaim.

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After the Fall is releasing this summer on PCVR, PSVR, and Oculus Quest. The game will feature cross-platform play, too, so if you’re on PSVR but your friend is on the Quest, you’ll still be able to buddy up and take on the zombie hordes. Awesome.

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