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PSVR’s The Persistence is Getting a Massive Free Update This Month, 4 New Game Modes and More

Firesprite Games has announced today that its excellent (it really is, read the review!) PSVR thriller, The Persistence, will be getting a massive update this month – for free!

The update will bring a range of new features and game modes. The game modes will be sure to add a few extra hours of fiendish fun over the Halloween period. Here are the new game modes:

  • GLASS CANNON: This is an all-action challenge mode which proved really popular at EGX last month. In it, you need to make it through 24 increasingly difficult rooms to get to an escape pod at the far end of the Deck. You get to select a gun at the start of each attempt, which comes with infinite ammo – the downside is that you only have one hit point, and there are no health pickups! Each time you enter a room, the doors lock and the mutants attack. You need to take them out as quickly as possible as the game is against the clock. How quickly can you get to the escape pod?
  • CAMPAIGN+: In Campaign+ you keep all your Gear and Upgrades from your previous Campaign play through, and are now challenged with an ultra hardcore difficulty mode. The rules of the game have been changed to make it feel different too. You can no longer use SuperSense to spot enemies hiding in cover, and you will notice that a Bloodhound just keeps following you! To combat this, there are all-new character upgrade levels, and ‘Platinum’ rarity Gear items to give you a fighting chance.
  • FIRST BLOOD: First Blood is a stealth based challenge mode where you need to make your way through another huge procedurally generated deck to the escape pod. Only equipped with a Peacekeeper knife and totally outnumbered, can you sneak your way through to the escape pod?
  • PERMADEATH: As the names suggests, in this mode once you die, that’s it. You’re dead! The challenge is to complete the entire campaign on a single life (it’s not for the faint-hearted!). However, there is a big change that makes a big difference. There are Deck Porters in this mode that take you instantly between all Decks, and to Recovery, to quickly upgrade and buy Gear.

Personally, I think I’ll be skipping every single one of them. The Persistence was scary enough the first time round, and I don’t think I’m ready to do it again anytime soon. But for those of you who enjoy a challenge, the new game modes should offer a decent one.

That’s not all. The new update will also bring a range of new features to help out different types of players.

  • Game speed. Slows down the game speed to assist players with less ability to react quickly.
  • Damage. Reduce the damage taken to help survive longer.
  • Infinite teleport. Get around more quickly with less reliance on the Sticks.
  • Infinite ammo. Ideal for players with less ability to aim with their head.
  • All enemies ‘tagged’. See enemies through walls at all times, to reduce the need for quick reactions.
  • Auto shield. Automatically deploy the shield reducing the need for fast twitch reactions.

According to the developers these additions are meant to help players of all skills levels play, as well as taking into account players with disabilities. The developers have even gone as far as highlighting key audio moments via in-game visuals to help the hard of hearing. Nice stuff all ’round, I say.

The new update will go live on October 18th, and it will be completely free – you don’t need to pay a penny for any of this new content. Now how often do we get to hear that?

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