PSX 2016: Dino Frontier for PSVR is Where the Wild West and Dinosaurs Collide

Uber Entertainment knows that secretly out there are gamers who want a civilization simulator set in the Wild West but with dinosaurs. So they came with Dino Frontier which is set to release in 2017 for the PS VR. You act as Big Mayor where you overlook your settlement and balance resources while increasing your population. Although some people will be attacked and eaten by velociraptors, anklyosauri, tricertops, T-rexes, and more. However, if you manage your settlement right those nasty death machines will become domesticated tools. Such as using them as steeds or crime fighting sidekicks.


Dino Frontier will also let you pick up your citizens (read minions) and put them where they need to be. You can assign them to specific jobs and place them down near food, drink, or beds. However, Uber Entertainment has programmed the dinosaur food to act semi-autonomously. In other words when their hunger or sleep levels reach a certain amount, they’ll stop what they’re doing and find what they need. Or just stop by the saloon and get drunk. Whatever works.

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You can check out the trailer above and we already know what twisted things you’re going to do so those innocent dinosaurs can get a nice meal.


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