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PSX 2016: Housemarque Officially Unveils Nex Machina

Back in the summer Alienation and Resogun creators, Housemarque, teased their latest endeavor. Today, at PlayStation Experience they official revealed it and it certainly is retro sci-fi. Nex Machina is “the most explosive” top-down shooter that the company has ever worked on and they teamed up with industry veteran Eugene Jarvis to do it. The story takes place in a world where people grew to dependent on technology. In that time, machines developed their own conscious feelings and refused to be butlers or low level workers. As you guessed, a violent, robotic revolution began to take effect. That’s where you and our main hero in blue come in (no not Mega Man). You’ll find out why you were sent to deal with the sentient violence and humanity’s problem of pulling themselves away from social media.


Housemarque promised more details in the coming months and you can check out the announcement trailer above.

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