PSX 2016: Meet the Machines in Latest Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn has a weird name, but we cannot argue with the results. This newest trailer from the PlayStation Experience shows us the robotic animals we will encounter as we try to “bring to light the deep secrets of the earth”. They look incredible, and it seems like the game will be providing a good variety of challenges, either in single creatures or packs.

The trailer also shows Aloy using different tactics. There is a Legend of Zelda moment when Aloy shoots one of the beasts from the back of a mecha-horse. There is another cut of her on foot stalking a robo-tiger with a cloaking device, as if normal tigers were not bad enough. The air and the water are equally deadly with predators who mimic a giant bird and crocodile.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn seems to be shaping up very well for an early 2017 release. If you want to know more information, we have also dropped the discussion panel from the PlayStation Experience at the bottom. It is about 45 minutes, but it will give you a little more insight into the game from the developers.

Is this one of your top anticipated titles for 2017?

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