PSX 2016: New Persona 5 Story Trailer

PSX 2016: New Persona 5 Story Trailer

Starting with the phrase, “Your Future’s Been Taken Away”, the new Persona 5 story trailer is flashy, stylish, and set to an upbeat soundtrack that all combine to give Persona fans more of what they love. It opens with the protagonist hearing a voice asking him about an important decision he made, and it flows naturally into cuts from the game of characters and their Persona.

We mentioned it already, but this game is bursting with style. The animation is even more impressive, and we cannot wait to get our hands on this game. If you prefer to not have discs, digital pre-orders are now available on PSN, and they will come with the Persona 5 protagonist avatar and themes and the Izanagi + Izanagi Picaro DLC when the game launches on April 4th.

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