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Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Reveals Its Villain

The hit series is getting a video game adaption this September for those that don’t know. In addition NIS America’s Marketing Manager, Chris King, revealed some details on Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness’ antagonist. His name is Alpha and he’s a hacker who simply wants to make people happy. Unfortunately, as we know in the Psycho Pass universe that isn’t always a good thing and can spell trouble for multiple people.


The Criminal Investigation Depertmant eventually takes note and slowly begins to learn who Alpha is, what he is capable of, and his overall purpose.  One such purpose is helping out unstable people with Crime Coefficients right below the Dominator’s ‘Lethal Eliminator’ mode. Alpha comes across as a guardian angel to them and he is only trying to help.

There were a few more tidbits that you can discover over at the PlayStation Blog. Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness releases September 13th for the PlayStation 4 and can be pre-ordered here.

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