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Psychological Horror Game Infliction Lets You Experience a Family’s Fear

Infliction is a psychological horror game that focuses on the events that happened in one suburban family’s home. As you explore that home, you will find bits of their lives in messages, art, and other items that help you to understand the tragedy that occurred. You will need to explore and investigate to open new paths in the home to fully uncover the secret.

That might be scary enough for some homes, but there is a terrifying spirit that is trying to stop you. To avoid it, you will need to hide and use lights in the home to distract or stun it, so you can escape. These solutions are only temporary, so don’t expect it to give up the ghost (pretty sure that’s a pun) after a flash of light.

The idea behind Infliction is actually a very personal one that focuses on putting a supernatural spin on things you see everyday. Caustic Games founder, Clinton McCleary, describes how the game started:

Infliction explores fears that manifested after my wife and I started a family. I set out to create a horror experience grounded in real-world problems that resonates with players and am looking forward to scaring everyone when we unleash it on consoles later this year.”

The trailer looks interesting, and we can always use a couple more horror games. We only have a Q4 2019 release window for now, but we know it will cost $19.99/€17.99/£15.99 whenever it does launch.

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