Psychological Thriller ‘Asemblance’ Announced

Nilo Studios, founded only a year ago in 2015 have announced their debut title and it is going to be a psychological horror called ‘Asemblance’ and despite only just being announced it will be releasing in May 2016. Nilo studios may be only a year old but the team itself is anything but inexperienced; the founder Niles Sankey alone has 10 year experience at Bungie and worked on both Halo and Destiny.

Asemblance 2

Asemblance is a single player, first person game and will have a strong narrative focus that has been said to take inspiration from series such as the X-Files. Currently all we know about the game’s story is that you are caught in some sort of cycle where you wake up trapped inside a machine built to simulate memories and this cycle can only be broken by delving deeper into the protagonists presumably grim past. The game will aim to keep the player wondering what is real and what is part of the simulation as you become entangled within it’s intricate storyline.

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Niles Sankey described the game as “The first episode of an expansive franchise” so depending on how you interpret that it can be taken as the game will be released as a series of episodes or it will be a full game and in the future we may see sequels. Regardless we will find out at some point in may. The release trailer is embedded below.

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