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Psyonix Reveals Rocket League Competitive Season 3 and 4 Details

Rocket League is still a hit and well within the way of its third competitive season. In fact, the third season has lasted significantly longer than the previous two. Psyonix revealed that was due to all the changes coming in season four. Although they were shy on details, the developers did say the upcoming competitive season will be starting in early April and will adhere to a more regular schedule over on their site. You can also view the updated division tiers and titles that will come with the new season below.


Additionally, just like the previous two seasons this one will have rewards! This time around players will be able to acquire special wheels depending on their highest achieved rank. You will receive all the wheels that are given to everyone below you as well. So it goes: Prospect I or higher – Season 3 Prospect Wheels, Challenger I or higher – Season 3 Challenger Wheels, Rising Star or higher – Season 3 Star Wheels, Champion or higher – Season 3 Champion Wheels, Grand Champion – “Season 3 Grand Champion” Title.

Let us know what rank you think you’ll reach by the end of the current season. The highest we had was Superstar. We’ll keep you updated once Psyonix reveals more about season four because hey, we’re looking forward to it too.

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