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PUBG Allows 60FPS on PS4 Pro With Console Update 9.1

PUBG is, despite what the Fortnite crowd would tell you, still very much alive and kicking, and the game’s developer is still striving to make the gameplay experience even better. The latest update to PUBG on console brings a new feature that will be welcomed by the most hardcore players: 60FPS.

According to the latest patch notes, which are very extensive, there’s a new setting on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X that will lift the frame cap from 30fps to 60fps. This new setting is the ‘Framerate Priority’ and it allows for PUBG to run at higher frame rates. The trade-off is that the resolution is being dropped to 1920×1080 to help the game manage the extra load needed to get the game up to 60FPS.

Can OG PS4 and Xbox One run PUBG at 60FPS?

At the moment, the new Framerate Priority setting is only for the mid-gen refresh machines, so the PS4 and the Xbox One X. That being said, the developer notes that they are “investigating ways to bring the lifted frame cap to other console devices.” So, there’s a chance that the OG PS4 and the Xbox Series S could get an update in the future that would allow for the Framerate Priority setting, but nothing is guaranteed.

The patch notes are exhaustive and well worth a read if you’re a regular visitor to the battlefield. We’re in the process of getting some footage to see how the game runs on PS4 Pro and even Xbox One X. Just for funsies.

Source: PUBG

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