PUBG, F1 2019, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Join PS Now This Month

Three new big-hitters are joining Sony’s games-on-demand subscription service this month, giving would-be subscribers just a little more reason to take the bait and cow down on some cheap and cheerful gaming.

The new games being added are PUBG, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and Codemaster’s fantastic F1 2019. They’re all available today on PS Now, either as downloads on your PS4, or as streamed games on your PS4 and PC. Downloads are only available on PS4, not on PC. Keep that in mind before emailing me to ask why you can’t download them onto your PC and PS3. Yes, I’ve had these emails in the past, and I’ll no doubt get them in the future.

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There are over 700 games available to play on PS Now, though the vast majority of them are PS3 games that can only be streamed to PS4 or PC. However, the downloadable library of PS4 games is growing, albeit slowly, and will continue to do so as we move onto the next-gen PS5. Hopefully, Sony finds a way to add classic PS1 and PS2 releases to the PS Now library, and maybe even some PS Vita hits that would otherwise fade into further obscurity.

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