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PUBG Season 6 Wants You To Meet A Sticky End

PUBG Season 6 has arrived on PlayStation 4. And it brings with it a wide range of new features. The largest of these is the new map, which allows 64 people to go after one another in an all or nothing fight to the end. But there are also a few smaller additions that are designed to have a big impact on their surroundings.

Sticky bombs, I’m looking at you…from a distance, obviously.

The update comes just a week after it was made available to PC users, which isn’t too shabby in the grand scheme of things. And it includes a number of firsts for the series. However, previous records remain unchallenged as the team seems to be following the mantra that less (battle space) is more.

Also known as quality over quantity, eh?

First, let’s talk about that map. Or should I say, (cracking) Karakin, which is a little small at only 2km x 2km but full of explosive potential. It’s based in a North African setting and is designed to throw everyone into the deep end – letting the chaos ensue. But there’s something a little untoward with this environment. Namely the explosives that rain down from the skies and obliterate anything, and everything, in their path.

That mechanic makes it the only map to finish the battle looking a different way to how it started. But it can also be “redesigned” by player-equipped sticky bombs, which are lethal to certain floors and walls. By removing these obstacles, you’re able to see threats that were otherwise hidden. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few inadvertent casualties along the way – you might want to start running now!

Finally, Karakin will also suffer from bullet penetration, allowing you to take shots “through” the environment. However, it isn’t available in any other PUBG map at the moment, though it sounds like this could be a trial for a larger rollout.

Source: PUBG

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