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PUBG Will Play at 60FPS on the PS5 Via Backwards Compatibility

PUBG will only work on the PlayStation 5 via its backwards compatibility feature. But that doesn’t mean it won’t enjoy a raft of enhancements. One such improvement will be the ability to play the Battle Royale game at up to 60 frames per second – something that is becoming the desired standard of experience. And something that many of other games will probably still fail to reach as we enter the next generation of hardware.

It has already been announced that Fortnite will be getting a specific PlayStation 5 release. But PUBG will not be so lucky. However, the best thing about the PlayStation 5 (and Xbox Series X, if you’d forgive me) is in how it can get the best out of any game – regardless of how long it has already been out on the PlayStation 4. That’s the magic of the next generation – it’s the biggest selling point for me – and will greatly improve the gaming experience in many a game.

Heck, it might even make Assassin’s Creed Unity playable.

Announcing the news today, the development team have explained that the PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements will be utilised. And, as a result, a priority mode will allow gamers to prioritise its frame rate. This will boost the viewing experience up to 60 frames per second, whilst also enjoying the improved loading times the console also promises.¬†Finally, your PUBG profile will follow you over to the PlayStation 5 – taking with it all of your progression to date. That means you won’t lose anything to do with the game. And cross-play is even being supported, so your friends will come too.

What more could we have asked for on this dismal Monday afternoon?

Source: PUBG

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