Pure Opinion: A New Gen, A New Start: 5 PS4 Games That Could Start Again on PS5

We all know the next-gen consoles are coming. We’re already getting the terrible clickbait articles about how much RAM one developer said they should have (not do have), so it’s time to start looking forward to the future, but also to the past.

Sony has a terrible history of preserving its games. Just look at the PS4 and lack of backwards compatibility. Not everything hinges on backwards compatibility, though, and if Sony really wants to drive home the “nobody plays old games” narrative, then they should take that bull by the horns and prove it. (People do like playing old games, though, hence the PS Classic – another failure.)

I’ve taken a look through my catalogue of games on PS4 and picked five that I’d like to see get a second chance on the PS5. Some of these games were already good, some were not so good, but all of them could get a second chance on the upcoming PS5.


Do you know what is missing from Sony’s roster of first-party games? Casual, fun, easy-to-play but hard-to-master racing games. We had DriveClub hobble onto the scene – late, no less – but that lasted, well, we all know how that lasted and how it came to a nasty end.

Sure, there’s GT Sport, but I’d hardly call that a fun game. It’s for the hardcore crowd who will scream into their mics if you dare give their cars a little knock or partake in unrealistic driving AKA video game driving.

My favourite racers of this generation have all been on the competitions box, and my PC by extension. Yes, I’m talking about the Forza Horizon series of games by Playground Games. They’re fantastic fun and easy enough that I can pass the controller to whoever is sitting beside me and they’re able to just get into it and have a mooch around. I’d love it if Sony could find a way of turning DriveClub from a simple racer to an open-world one. One where being a part of a club mattered. In my little mind, there would be four set clubs that everyone gets splint into (yeah, I watched a lot of Harry Potter over Christmas…) and you’d earn points for your club every month by placing high in races, pulling sick stunts, collecting stuff, buying stuff – you get the idea. It’d certainly give clubs aspect a decent reason to exist.

Make it happen, Sony. Get the band back together and make it happen. Poor Rushy has been spending too much time on Twitter. He needs to be making this game right now.

The Order 1886

Many people shat all over Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 on release. For good reason, too. It looked great but it was as shallow as a new born’s bath water. The story and setting were brilliant, mind you, but the moment-to-moment gameplay was a chore at best, and a bore at its worst. Oh, look, more walking. Oh, look, another cutscene I’m not a part of. Oh, look, another boss fight. Oh, look, it’s another quick-time event.

I know I’m shitting on it pretty hard right now, but bear with me. Myself and Mrs Pure PlayStation played through the game in its entirety one Sunday and we were left wanting more. The ending of the story just leaves so much open that even to this day I’m annoyed there’s no real conclusion. Instead, the game flopped hard and Ready at Dawn went on to make failures instead.

The name alone is pretty much dirt, but throw it at a new console as part of its launch-day lineup and it’ll find its way into the hands of many a gamer. If it’s good, it’ll spread and a franchise will have been saved from an unceremonious death.

Again, Sony, get Ready at Dawn working on this one. I swear I saw one of their bosses pulling day-old pasties out of the bins behind Tesco. Give ’em some work and add another game to your repertoire in the process.


Poor Knack. Two games and he’s still the butt of many jokes. And deservedly so. The Knack games are alright button mashers at best, but now that we’ve seen what can be done with platformers in VR, I think the natural next step would be to make a Knack game for the next-gen PSVR.

Sony Japan Studio proved its worth with Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, so give them a real challenge by tasking them with bringing the unloved Knack to virtual reality. They’re already working on a couple of games anyway, maybe one of them is Knack VR? 

Just Do It – Nike (and Chris.)


The three original Uncharted games were fantastic fun. The first one hasn’t aged as well, but Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception are still brilliant examples of interactive entertainment. A Thief’s End… Not so much. The massive change in direction wasn’t what I personally wanted and, going by what I’ve read online, I’m not alone. The previous games revelled in being Indiana Jones rip-offs and they never took themselves seriously at all. The stories were pulpy fun and the action was a mile-a-minute.

Uncharted 4 took things in another direction where we learned about feelings, walking, family, walking, and climbing, and more feelings, and more family. And family feelings. And climbing while talking about family feelings.Too much? Too much.

My point is that A Thief’s End was such a deviation from the Uncharted formula that it doesn’t really hold up against the previous games. Try playing Drake’s Deception and then going straight into A Thief’s End and you’ll see a stark change in direction that’s more than a little jarring.

Apparently Sony is hiring up for another Uncharted game. I’d imagine that this is probably a spin-off not featuring old-man Nate, so it’s the perfect chance to course-correct and get back to what makes an Uncharted game fun. Do away with the pretentious directors wanting to make names for themselves. Do away with walking and talking – this is what cutscenes are for, damn it! Get back to exploration, comical thugs, and supernatural explanations. One whisper of daddy issues and I’m out.


Second Son was a PS4 launch title, and it shows. Its open-world was pretty but there was very little reason to stick around once the credits rolled. And hell no – I did not play it through twice to see the other ending; that’s what YouTube was invented for.

In all honesty it felt like more of the same, but instead of fan-favourite Cole we got some annoying, beanie-wearing brat. The story was lacklustre, too, but the gameplay was decent enough to carry it. And it was an early PS4 game so we didn’t really have an idea where games were headed and what to expect.

We’ve seen what can be done with open-worlds this generation, so imagine what’s possible with beefier machines. I’d love to see a brand new twist to the inFamous formula. It’s basically X-Men, minus the license, so why not do something on the scale of X-Men? Superhero teams are rarely done in games, but if there’s one franchise just begging for it the it’s inFamous, right? The morality system is an old novelty by this point, so chuck that out and replace it with something along the lines of Shadow or Mordor’s nemesis system. Or create a whole new system. Or don’t have a system. Just change it up and make it fresh and players will scoff that up, no problem.

And that’s my list. What games would you like to see get a soft reboot on the PS5? 

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