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Pure Opinion: Don’t Worry About Specs – PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Be Just Like PS4 and Xbox One

Microsoft fired the starting pistol when it revealed the specs for its upcoming Xbox Series X, and then Sony made a break for it and revealed the PS5 specs in the same week. Now that we’ve got the specs for both next-gen consoles laid out bare for all to see, the console wars have started anew, but now the warriors are fighting for a console they’ve not even touched yet, and in the case of PS5, a console they’ve not even seen. It’s silly, isn’t it?

With the specs now out in the open, fans have been comparing which is more powerful and speculating which console will host the more impressive games. It feels a lot like the months before the Xbox One and PS4 release, doesn’t it? The debates online, at work, at school, and not to mention the number lists and listing each platform holder’s first-party studio, like football fans comparing their teams’ best performing players.

The PS5 has a weaker GPU and CPU, but it has a monster storage solution that developers are going nuts for. The Xbox Series X has an impressive combination of GPU power and CPU speed, and internal tests on current-gen games are proving promising for backwards compatibility. It’s all very exciting and for me, these consoles can’t come soon enough.

But please, don’t sit and bite your nails at the thought of your console brand being left behind, no matter which camp you fall into. Remember when the PS4 and Xbox One specs were compared and the PS4 had a clear advantage? Look at the games releasing today – they are, for the most part, comparable experiences. 99% of the games released are playable on both Sony and Microsoft’s machines, and that won’t change with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Third-party developers have to develop their games for the broadest possible audience, which means that Game X will on PS5 will be just as good on Xbox Series X. That’s not “laziness” from developers, that’s just good business sense, and you can bet your cheeks no version of any game will be given an extraordinary amount more money and time than the other.

The closest we’ve so far seen of PS5 – though this is supposedly a dev kit.

Game Y, though, will be a different story, because Game Y is a first-party exclusive. Sony and Microsoft will be developing games specifically made for their consoles, and you can bet your bottom PSN card that they’ll be exemplary showcases of graphical fidelity and immersive worlds. Each will have extra resources allocated to their first-party games with first-party studios that are working to the specs of just one machine. Third-party games, on the other hand, are catering to the lowest denominator; that fancy SSD in the PS5 won’t always be put to the best use, and those extra clock speeds on the Xbox Series X won’t always be hitting their peak usage.

So be calm. Yes, the PS5 may not have numbers that match the Xbox Series X, but it doesn’t matter. Games will look and play great on next-gen machines, and 99% of them will be close enough that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s your first-party games that will be the ones to showcase the strengths of each machine.

Now, how many bellyflops can these things do?

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