Pure Opinion: How Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC Fixed the Story and Secret Ending Explanation (Kind Of)

Here we are. A year later after Kingdom Hearts 3 with an absolute disappointment of a story with literal holes in the plot and missing explanations. It wasn’t because people and more importantly (for the sake of this article) I was upset things didn’t go the way we wanted. The storytelling itself was subpar and just made no narrative sense with what came before. And I’m not talking about the convoluted mess the plot can be most times. I wasn’t holding out any hope this Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC would fix much but boy was I wrong. However, as jubilated as I am about this turn of events one thing is still clear. There is no reason that all the story content in this add-on shouldn’t have been in the base game. Now on to explaining things with spoilers!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Review

First up is the whole destroy the worlds to save the worlds plan from Master Xehanort. With the two sentences we got explaining this during Kingdom Hearts 3’s ending, this was the utmost bullcrap and made no sense to the character. This was slightly retconned fortunately and was more in line with the series antagonist. We discover that Young Xehanort was afforded the opportunity of traveling to different worlds just before his own Mark of Mastery exam. His trip to many different planets led him to see how evil, pitiful, and even how fake the many different citizens of the different worlds were. So in his mind, the universe needed order for it to survive…not destruction. Thus Master Xehanort’s plan is first put into fruition as the wrong thing for the right reasons type of deal. Unexpectedly, it’s revealed that the Master of Masters is the one who provided Xehanort with the ability to easily travel between worlds and even goaded him in that line of thinking. A mystery for another time and one that doesn’t feel insulting. 

Next up is explaining how Master Xehanort orchestrated and planned the whole thirteen darknesses vs. seven lights prophecy. It seemed like scattershot randomness with some of the villains who occupied their role in this fateful battle. Not to mention who was human, who was a nobody again, which characters have their hearts in vessels, etc. While it may have been an exposition dump cutscene at the very beginning of the DLC, it nonetheless drew a clear, beat by beat picture. It touched upon how Xenahort’s different forms throughout time were accounted for, how Xion could ever possibly return let alone be remembered, why Terra’s body was still essentially evil, and how Marluxia, Laxerene, and Luxord have turned into nobodies again. This cutscene also slightly retcons Riku Replica and Xion as prototype vessels. So their existence is actually given some canon merit. As I said in my review, nothing is made not convoluted, but it is properly given a reason. 

Now for some of the biggest issues that permeated the experience once our heroes entered the keyblade graveyard. How in the world did Roxas return? When Roxas did return how did he and Axel remember Xion? How did Terra fully return with body, heart, and soul? Where was Kairi after Master Xehanort killed (in which we now know preserved) her? What was Sora disappearing off Destiny Islands mean? Well, all of it was connected to Sora’s journey through the Re:Mind DLC. What’s more, is all of it makes sense. To the point that not only should this content have been in the base game, but we were expected to understand what happened in Re:Mind back in January of 2019. 

In Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Sora abuses the power of waking by going back in time again, as a noncorporeal entity, when our heroes first entered the keyblade graveyard. He has to travel through each of their hearts to make Kairi whole or more simply, alive again. So we know what Sora actually did there in between the final boss and Kingdom Hearts 3’s ending. As he’s making his way through the trials and tribulations of each heart we learn quite a few things were the result of Sora’s actions and the power of waking. 

  • Roxas both returning and everyone being able to remember Xion
  • Thanks to the help of Namine in Kingdom Hearts 3 and now Sora’s deeds in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind, Terra was able to follow the connections of his relationships which were like lit up pathways, thanks to the aforementioned Namine and Sora, and regain control of his body
  • Kairi’s heart was recompleted (after being preserved by Master Xehanort as a backup plan) thanks to Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Sora which altered the flow of time and history…again. Yes, what plays out after our hero, Donald, and Goofy enter Scala Ad Caelum (formerly Daybreak Town) is completely different. 

Naturally, all this effort and strain on Sora’s power of waking finally has consequences. After everyone is nice, good, and ready to live their lives Sora vanishes, all but dying. This adds context to and confirms that ending scene a year ago which was a slap in the face to players. Secondly, it hints that Sora or at least Sora’s heart has either jumped to a new timeline after disappearing and to where Yozora lives or in fact resides in Yozora’s heart now. You know like how Ventus did with Sora? This would explain the newly added interactions between Sora and wannabe Noctis in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. Or how Riku was in the same world as Yozora (shown in the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending) as completing the Limitcut Episode of this DLC would show those who are trying to get Sora back where he is. Oh yea, and our lovable Radiant Garden, Final Fantasy crew is back for a few seconds, but still no explanation on why they were left out of all the fun. 

There’s still no fix to Vexen magically wanting to atone or how the Foretellers came back, but after all the streamlining Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind did I am more than content with the state of Kingdom Hearts. Even if once again this should have all been in the base game. Now everything you’ve read so far has been out of my own mind including the tiny bit of theorizing what the secret ending means. However, I highly recommend checking out this Reddit thread which came to the same beginning conclusion as me but went further than I ever probably could. A very nice and detailed read for the next possible Kingdom Hearts game. 

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