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Pure Opinion: How No Man’s Sky is One of the Most Beautiful Things Ever Made

Pure PlayStation’s Kyle Durant really, really likes No Man’s Sky. He’s been banging on about the bloody game for weeks and now that he’s finally got the game, we still can’t shut him up. Here’s why Kyle thinks No Man’s Sky is one of the most beautiful things ever made. 

Now this article won’t be about how great a game No Man’s Sky is. Although I am really enjoying the simulation/exploration gameplay from a gamer perspective. Instead, I want to touch upon Hello Games’ baby in the beauty and art aspect. Trust me, I know video games and art go hand in hand but just for this moment imagine there wasn’t any gameplay in No Man’s Sky and you were just along for the ride. If you can do that then you will truly understand where I’m coming from with this article.

Since I was a kid I enjoyed the pastime of simple stargazing. You know laying on your back in the grass or on a chair at night and just view the many, many, many, many, many stars and suns that litter our Milky Way Galaxy? It was just so calm and serene knowing there were billions of these things with more than likely other planets accompanying them. It really drove home the humbleness of our status in the galaxy (let alone the universe) and my curiosity of what’s out there. (Definitely why I like Kingdom Hearts and Vandread so much.) No Man’s Sky gave me the ability to explore those stars but keep my humbleness in check.

At this point in time I’m sure there’s three groups of people. One agrees with me, another points out that the stars I viewed were probably already dead because it took so long for their light to travel to Earth, and the last will say “well the Hubble Telescope and other findings have given us a good look at the stars.” To the latter I say that’s true but until you physically land on a distant planet’s moon and have said planet loom over everything in sight, Hubble is only but a taste of the journey.

Needless to say, No Man’s Sky is one of the most tranquil, serene, and peaceful experiences I’ve ever come across. Yes, I know there are dogfights in space and sentinels that attack you but they are overshadowed by the magnificent beauty of it all. For minutes on end I would just stop whatever I was doing to take it all in. I cannot confirm or deny if I was in a trance or not. One time I was running through a planet that’s ground was all pink flowers when the music kicked in and I stopped in my tracks. I looked around at the gorgeous vegetation blowing in the wind, the mountains cut through the majestic world, the floating plateaus, the stars twinkling above me, and appreciated the fact that I was just here. On this one planet out of quintillions.

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Imagine being on a remote but lush part of Earth. There are no dangers but absolutely beautiful scenery that leave you in awe. You know you’ll never see this in your day-to-day life and probably never again but you don’t care. The beauty just takes a hold of you and all your problems wash away. Now put that scenario but on a distant planet with unique properties that no one has ever discovered before. The scope of it all knocked you back huh? Sometimes that very scope gives me a headache just trying to entertain all the possibilities in our universe and No Man’s Sky’s. Not necessarily a bad thing mind you as I love to seek knowledge and with a game like this it’s hard not to want to.

The moment you realize you're on a planet's moon, not the planet
The moment you realize you’re on a planet’s moon, not the planet

No Man’s Sky also makes me feel insignificant. One time I landed on a moon that’s planet was so big that unless I turned the complete opposite way, the planet appeared on-screen. In fact, it looked like it may tumble over and destroy the moon at any second. This irrational fear and insignificance truly makes one feel small and tiny but proud at the same time. I know I won’t discover an infanticimal amount of content but I’m alright with it. I feel happy because of it.

Another moment that left me in wonder happened in space, right outside a planet’s atmosphere. There were gas clouds, numerous stars shining, debris passing me by, and planets in sight. Suddenly the beautiful music ques up again and for the longest time I just drifted slowly in my spaceship taking it all in. Understanding the harsh beauty of it all-knowing this was only possible in our time thanks to No Man’s Sky. Also, the fact that I was just a few inches of glass and metal from dying within seconds might have made me a tad more grateful of it all.

There’s not much else I can say or adequately describe this game’s splendor. I’ve ordered the soundtrack, will keep my eye out for officially licensed art, and will engulf myself in No Man’s Sky for quite some time. Its music, art, colorful planets, cute or grotesque animals, twinkling stars, space gases, scope, and near perfect simulation have ensnared me like very little else has. I can’t thank Hello Games enough for the amazing gift they have bestowed upon the world.

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