Pure Opinion: I Was So Wrong About Crisis VRigade on PSVR, It’s Actually Brilliant

Earlier this year I played and reviewed a PSVR shooter called Crisis VRigade. I didn’t think much of it. It was a very middle-of-the-road release for me, and I was a little let down by the lack of content and the inherent issues with the PSVR’s tracking system. I ended up giving the game a 5.5/10 – Not Bad rating.

Once I was done with my review, I left the game well alone. It was only during the summer that I got back into it after hearing that there was another level added to the game. I thought I’d check it out, just to see what’s what. I expected to play for maybe 10 minutes and then move on with my day. I ended up staying inside my headset late into the night. Why? Because Crisis VRigade is a genuinely good game now, and one that I’m sorry to have reviewed so harshly.

Let me put this out there straight away: I’m not changing the review or the score. Everything I said at the time of publication was true for me and in my opinion, a fair analysis of what the game was on the day of release. Of course, I’ll add a link to this write-up in the original review so that those who come across it can get a better idea of how the game is now, but nothing else changes.

With games evolving so much over their lifespan, it is, however, worth having a second look every now and again. With updates being fairly easy for developers to deploy, it’s a given that games change over time. Just look at Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky as a prime example. Now Crisis VRigade isn’t on that scope, but the changes have been big enough that it warrants a second look.

Much of what I originally complained about still holds true, but that’s the problem: it only counts for me. I personally find the A.I to be a ballache. I personally find playing through the same scenario over and over a little boring. However, I’ve come to appreciate the quirks for what they are.

Crisis VRigade is a Time Crisis knock-off. It really is, but that’s fine. There’s no Time Crisis available on PSVR, so this is the next best thing. The premise is simple: You’re a SWAT cop, the bad guys are robbing the bank, you need to kill them all and survive the encounter within seven minutes. Easier said than done, mind you.

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Death means doing it all again. There’s no checkpoint system and you can’t save your progress. It’s all or nothing. I originally despised this, as I mentioned earlier, but after discussing it with others who have played the game, I can appreciate the difficulty. You’ll die plenty and you’ll run through the same sections again and again. You don’t get any power-ups or new skills on each new run, but you do go in with a bit of knowledge. You’ll know where the bad guys will be, and you’ll know when to duck into cover. It’s simple, but it’s effective. Memorising the enemy patterns is a memory game in itself, and when you finally do bust through the section you’ve been stuck on four three hours, it’s a proper sense of accomplishment. Not the EA Star Wars Battlefront kind, but it’s something.

Another sore point for me was that the game only had one stage. That has since changed as the developer has added a second stage that can be played once you’ve reached a certain score in the first level. I’ve also found out that the developer is just a tiny team, so putting out more content is not so easy. It’s time-consuming and takes up resources, but they’ve done it anyway. It’s commendable and I have a little more respect for the people behind the game. It doesn’t hurt that the second stage is also a blast to play through. It’s also just as difficult. I’ve yet to get through it, but I’m sure I’ll be just as elated as I was when I beat the first stage after hours of trying.

Long story short; the game has improved and it’s definitely worth a look these days. I’ve put in over a dozen hours so far and while the repetition does wear thin, it’s still a blast and there’s nothing else quite like it on PSVR at this time. If you’ve got a few quid in your PSN wallet and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to have some shooty-bang-bang fun, I recommend Crisis VRigade.

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