Pure Opinion: I’m Glad Cyberpunk 2077 Was Delayed

I’m glad Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed. Since it’s one of my most anticipated games of this generation, it’s strange to say that, but it’s 100% true. Here are some of the reasons it’s a good thing even if it doesn’t seem great right now.

If you check out this article by Hannah, she nails the first reason far better than I could. CD Projekt Red is demonstrating a commitment to quality. We should expect that most companies follow this line of reasoning. If your game isn’t ready, don’t release it. If it’s filled with bugs, or if it takes a 20 GB patch on launch day, hold it back. A patch or two is fine, but every quest should work without it. I should have a smooth experience with the game on the disc, not with another disc’s worth of patches.

I do realize that companies need to make a profit and projects have to be delivered timely and within budget. Just know that releasing your game with issues will lower your immediate and long-term income. After spending a few years in development, a few months could make a big difference in your bottom line.

I think the delay also shows the developer’s faith in their product. If Cyberpunk 2077 turns out to be Cyberjunk 2077, we’ll know the delay was for nothing. I don’t think that will be the case. I think they know they have something special, and they are willing to put it back in the oven to make sure it’s fully baked. I don’t want my experience with it to be marred, because a company had to meet a release date.

My last reason is that I wanted to play this on the PS5 anyway. Watching the trailers, I struggled to understand how what I was seeing could run on a PS4 Pro. It will, but it probably won’t live up to my ultra-high expectations. (I’ll still be happy to review it if we receive a copy though and replay it again later!)

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With our current knowledge of the PS5’s hardware, the experience will differ in some potentially dramatic ways. Load times are probably the biggest impact. The new SSD inside the PS5 will severely shorten them or (fingers crossed) eliminate them. If you are loading a ton of data about the world, why wouldn’t I want to cut out streaming and loading times even if I have to wait for the true potential in a bigger update next year? It should still make a difference at launch.

The other changes are more obvious. The power of the new processor and GPU far exceed the PS4 Pro. The visuals will be sharper and more consistent. The framerate could be a steady 60 FPS with no texture pop-in. It sounds like a dream come true.

Lastly, I don’t want to fight with the fan in my console. If you think it won’t sound like the deck of an aircraft carrier in your living room while playing Cyberpunk 2077, you’re kidding yourself. I want the new PS5 cooling solution to show me what it’s like to play games without all that racket.

If CD Projekt Red has to delay the game, I don’t mind. It will be a better experience for me and millions of gamers when we finally enter Night City.

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