Pure Opinion: LawBreakers is the Freshest Shooter in Years

Oooweeee! The latest shooter on the market has captivated me something fierce and I’m going to force all of you to listen about it. Unless…you know…you leave this page in which I can do nothing about it. Just let me imagine I have some semblance of power to keep you here and you really want to hear my opinion. After all, I can be considered the shooter/competitive gamer representative here at Pure PlayStation. In fact reluctant father, Chris Harding, is handling the LawBreakers review and he let me know he wasn’t very good at it. So by default my opinion is better than his because he’s a “noob”. [Ed: Watch it, lad, you’re not too old to go over my knee.]

Joking aside, LawBreakers has easily become one of my favorite shooting games ever. Joining the ranks of Resistance 2, MAG, Homefront, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 3, and Crysis 2. Why? Well, I want to first start off by saying I will not be making any cliché Overwatch comparisons. I understand Blizzard’s baby is popular and a fellow class-based shooter, but that’s where the similarities stop, honestly. LawBreakers brings so much more to the table and I love everything about that.

First and foremost, the anti-gravity mechanics. Who as a kid didn’t like the ability to fly or glide in a video game? Hell, when I acquired that ability in Peter Pan’s world in Kingdom Hearts…I was walking (hovering?) on sunshine. I flew around that world in England just to fly and enjoy myself. That is until Phantom showed up and ruined my flying until I defeated him. My point being in my Kingdom Hearts rambling is LawBreakers brings that awesomeness to a competitive shooter.

Yes, I know you can jump around like a spider monkey in the latest Call of Duty games. It’s just that it didn’t feel genuine and felt like something tacked on for the sake of changing things up. Lawbreakers’ anti-gravity was built into the game from the ground up. And let me tell you the damn thing works as smooth as butter. The ability to fly around with jetpacks and no gravity works. It’s not cumbersome, it’s not poorly implemented, and it’s not cheap. When I got my first “aerial” kill in the public beta I cheered with glee. Plus, it actually has deep possibilities depending on the character you play.

Another great thing about Boss Key’s creation is the gameplay roles and strategies. Each character literally has strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized to own, or exploited to destroy. No matter what character you choose, you have to be aware of what character you are and where on the battlefield you should be. Except for the Gunslinger who is the quintessential OP character in these early days. That guy can eliminate anyone in two or three hits. Besides that you have to know what you’re doing and what abilities you have at any given time.

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Not only that but the characters themselves are incredibly diverse. From a cosmetic and loadout standpoint. I mean there’s an Assassin class that has a shotgun as a backup and actual swords as a primary. In a shooter! Other primary weapons include an assault rifle, mechanical shotgun, ninja knives, gatling gun, rocket launcher, a revolver/pistol, grenade launcher, and frickin lazer beams! Not too different from a shooter perspective, but the variety of loadouts make a world of difference. That’s not even mentioning each key ability or ultimate. As an Enforcer main, I have to approach the majority of characters a little differently. One tactic will not always work the entire match.

Lastly, I want to compliment the map design. Granted, most of them can be too parallel, but I want to focus on the inner workings of the levels themselves. At no real point can anyone camp. Almost every spot on every map can be approached from multiple angles. So even if you have an objective near your spawn, the enemy team can still approach the area from a position you’re not looking at. No matter what game mode you’re playing; Blitzball, Uplink, Overcharge, Turf War, or Occupy. The matches can be very fast paced and hectic and you’ll still feel in complete control.

LawBreakers is a class-based shooter with a childish glee type fun. It’s incredibly fast paced but manageable, gives you the ability to frickin fly and offers a ton of depth. How it doesn’t have a bigger player base on PC is something that flabbergasts me. This shooter is something incredibly different from what’s on the market right now. For example, I loved Battlefield 1…a lot. But it was more of the same from what I expected. Lawbreakers is quickly becoming a cult-classic that can establish its own mark on the shooter genre.

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