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Pure Opinion: Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Great Accessibility Options, But PS Vita Remote Play is Awful

Insomniac’s take on Marvel’s Spider-Man is brilliant, of that I have no doubt, hence my really positive review through here. One standout feature is the game’s accessibility options. You’ve got options upon options with Spider-Man.

You can tailor the game’s presentation to meet you own needs, whether that means turning off chromatic aberration (yucky stuff), or turning down the motion blur, there’s more than the standard options with Spider-Man. You can even disable mini-games if you can’t be bothered with them – something I was really grateful for.

Yet Remote Play on PS Vita is really, really, poor. Last night I was kicked off the telly so Charlie could get his pre-bedtime dose of Paw Patrol, so I picked up my PS Vita with the intention of just swinging around New York, maybe collecting a few backpacks. After getting into the game I realise the controls are not ideal. Swinging is mapped to R2, which is mapped to the top right quadrant on the PS Vita’s back touchpad. L3 and R3 are mapped to the bottom half of the back touchpad, while L1 and R1 are mapped to the Vita’s triggers.

So I checked the game’s settings for a way to switch the triggers, much like you can do in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games on PS4. But after searching for a few minutes it’s obvious there is no such option, so if you want to go for a web-powered cruise through Manhattan, you’ll have to get used to awkwardly tapping the back touchpad, which is just not as reliable as a regular trigger.

Look, I understand that at this point there aren’t very many PS Vita players in the world, but you’d think that there would still be a basic effort to keep the device usable for those who still make use of the machine.

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