Pure Opinion: Not Excited About God of War? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone!

It’s 4/20. For some that date means celebrating the gift of nature that is marijuana. For others it’ll mean waiting anxiously at the front door, waiting to hear the steps of the post man bringing a copy of the latest PS4 exclusive, God of War. For some it might be both. Good for them, I say.

But then there are those who’ll just go about their days as normal. Maybe they’ll go to work, come home and decide to play a game for a bit before turning in. Maybe they’ll not bother with God of War. Maybe they don’t care about God of War at all. “Who are these cretins and how do we kill them?!” I hear you cry.

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m the answer to the first question, and I’m sure as shit not telling you the secret to killing me.

Yes, can you believe it that I, Christopher Wayne Harding, the founder and Editor of Pure PlayStation, couldn’t give two honks about God of War? Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve barely bothered to watch even one trailer? Would you believe me if I told you I won’t be picking the game up ever, even when it’s dirt cheap in a few week’s time? You better believe it, baby, because I don’t care for God of War.

But what’s the point of this article? Am I just writing this to tell you that I’m not a fan of God of War? No, of course not, but it’s a part of it. Given that I spend many of my waking hours on the internet, it’s inevitable that I come across the sickly hype surrounding the return of Kratos. Strangers on the internet will pour out their love for a game they’ve yet to play. Others will argue why Cory Balrog, the game’s director, is a living god himself. Obnoxious YouTubers will make videos with the clickbait titles such as “WHY GOD OF WAR WILL DESTROY XBOX!”

Unless Kratos suddenly manifests into the real world and turns out to be a proper arsehole, that’s not happening.

Even amongst my own people here at Pure PlayStation, I can’t avoid the hype. Laddie and Kyle speak of nothing else and it kind of makes me feel left out. Should I buy the game and play it so that I can be part of the conversation? No, but that’s a feeling I’m sure many have felt. Heck, I had it with Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the months leading up to Horizon’s release, the internet was awash with hype. You couldn’t avoid it. Adverts plastered every website. Forums were going nuts with every new screenshot. And again, I was sat here not giving a shit. Kyle on the other hand was throwing fuel on the hype train. Every day he’d be banging on about this stupid bloody game, and then when it finally released and he reviewed it with a 10/10 – Must Buy rating, things went into overload and I cracked. I really did. I felt left out. I felt like maybe I was wrong because I wasn’t part of the current trend. So I bought Horizon Zero Dawn from the PlayStation Network for the princely sum of £49.99. Yep. I paid full price and I completely regret it.

I tried in vain to like Horizon. I really did. I got about four hours in and deleted it. It wasn’t for me. I’m not a fan of RPGs, nor am I fan of boring games. To me, Horizon is both. So what did I get out of joining in with the crowd? At best, fifty quid poorer. At worst, angry at Kyle for being a knob and convincing me to buy a game I wasn’t really interested in to begin with.

I could have gone down this familiar path once again with God of War. I nearly pre-ordered the game, but I decided against it; if I’m going to take a risk, I’m sure as hell not doing it digitally while Sony’s anti-consumer stance on refunds is in play. If I was going to risk it, I thought, I’d do it with a physical copy. At least that way I could return it to the store and buy something better. I had that chance, too, as my regular video-game store had early copies in. I wandered in, had a nosey around, spotted Kratos’ ugly mug on the box art and thought about buying it. Then I thought about Horizon. Then I bought Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

For the Xbox One X. I know. Double scum. 

My point is that you shouldn’t feel like you have to buy God of War. If you’re genuinely interested in the game, best of luck to you. I hope it’s great and that you get many hours of enjoyment out of it. But if you’re unsure or you’re feeling like you should buy it just because it’s a PS4 exclusive, let me tell you that it’s alright to go against the crowd. Don’t let the internet tell you otherwise. Don’t waste your money on trying to fit it.

Spend it on weed and have a merry 4/20. 

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