Pure Opinion: The Polarizing Days Gone Reviews and Why That May Be

As I’ve seen around the interwebz, and thought to myself as well, a lot of people believe that Days Gone is quite the polarizing title. For the most part reviews are either love it or hate it. Either meh or good. I happened to be on the I enjoyed it side and feel free to check out our review that went up Wednesday if you haven’t already. Point being that some are confused or questioning why the review scores are all over the place. Having read, skimmed, and seen a lot of different opinions I may have a simple answer. Although it goes without saying (and not the first time I’ve mentioned this here at Pure PlayStation), but the best way to get the most out of reviews is to follow individual reviewers you trust and who have similar gaming interests to you.

So my incredibly insightful opinion and observation that will save the gaming industry and finally bring us together as gamers with no borders. Definitely what will happen and I can’t see anything going wrong. Minus some outliers and isolated incidents I believe there are two sides to the fence on Days Gone. The negative side feels that Bend Studio’s creation is an open world game with open world staples. The positive side on the other hand feels Bend Studio’s creation is an open world game with open world staples. Oh my…what have I done?! Reality will surely collapse on itself now.

Some people are fatigued on the open world genre and I can understand that. If a game doesn’t do anything new or reinvent the wheel then they’re not going to have fun with it and think it’s generic. Others, like myself, will have fun with an open world game if it’s enjoyable to play. We all have opinions and differences and that’s ok. My more detailed stance on things is that because a title didn’t try anything new doesn’t make it a bad game within its genre. Oversaturation can be argued sure, but I still don’t mind my Ubisoft Far Crys or Assassin’s Creeds. Heck, Spider-Man which was our (read: my) Game of the Year for 2018 had a by the numbers open world and I don’t remember hearing a similar uproar about it. Of course, Insomniac’s creation had other great things going for it, but that’s neither here nor there.

I don’t plan on judging a video game detrimentally for what could have been and I’ll absolutely applaud a video game for doing something different and nailing it. That happens to be my gaming and reviewing preference and if you agree feel free to follow more of my work (Yay shameless plug!). However, if it’s not then find another reviewer who is more your taste. It’s ok to disagree with someone and still see their side of things. Although for the love of whatever you hold dear please don’t tell someone you only agree with them because they’re hot. It’s shameful, disrespectful, and places someone’s looks above their talent.

Lastly, this goes out to the clearly one and only “James Vanderbeek” who for some reason spelled his name wrong and says he knows us. Jason and I would love your autograph and to know what it’s like playing late twenty somethings pretending to be teens on Dawson’s Creek. When you’re not busy writing silly comments on N4G, of course.

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