Pure Opinion: There Are Too Many Good Games Coming in Early 2020!

Now I know the end of November 2019 has some notable releases in a very short amount of time. Only problem is that my tastes are interested in Death Stranding and Doom Eternal and even then, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be getting them at release. Let’s not forget Borderlands 3 in a weeks’ time as well. But I’m putting my brain through knots trying to coordinate what and how much vacation time to use in March and April to play these assuredly long experiences. I mean I’m estimating at least two hundred hours of playtime will be required to complete these titles.

I’m not disparaging the other games that are coming out in early 2020 as I’m well aware the likes of Gods and Monsters and Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines have their fans. However, there are three extremely heavy hitters releasing in March and April: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (or at least the first part), Watch Dogs 3 Legion, and Cyberpunk 2077. All of which are hyped or anticipated for one reason or another and I’m going to vomit my thoughts all over this article. Maybe introduce some clarity to my thought process on how I will make time for these industry giants. Heck, who even says I will be able to in a reasonable amount of time!?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first one to grace store shelves and digital storefronts. Anyone with even a passing fancy in mobile gaming should be aware of this gargantuan event. I mean this has been requested since the PlayStation 3 released. Even sooner? The original and subsequent remasters all took dozens if not hundreds of hours to complete to any level of satisfaction. Now I’m hearing that the first part or episode of the remake will be forty hours long?! Plus, certain story details might go down a different path and the non-turn based gameplay both could change how gamers play. Short of a complete cock-up and terrible pre-release reviews, this one is going to sell a bajillion copies. A scientifically and quantifiable amount for sure.

Next up is probably just by sheer comparison the game at the bottom of the totem pole. The Watch Dogs series hasn’t had quite the meteoric rise since its creation, but the second game garnered a lot of goodwill after the downsides of the first. Which I still enjoyed by the way. Now a third game would be a mostly automatic purchase on its own, but the introduction of ‘you can play as anyone’ mechanic increases that hype dial just a little. The 101 trailer on Youtube explaining this concept was actually well written and funny. Props to the guy who brought a bus on a rescue mission because he didn’t know how many people needed saving. Then the most recent trailer showing off the many different playable citizens and their feats and downfalls. Old man who can die randomly at any time anyone? I’ll hazard a guess Watch Dogs 3 Legion will take twenty to forty hours to beat. Depending on how fun the multiplayer is crafted this time around.

And my personal Keanu Reeves in a video game of the year releases just a month later. Nearly all RPG lovers are wanting CD Projekt Red’s next creation in their lovely consoles. Even if it won’t be as big in size as the Witcher 3, there will still be plenty of content in the wonderful, futuristic city. One hundred hours to complete estimate anyone? My only concern, if it can be even called that, is it avoids some of the mistakes Eidos made with the Deus Ex series as of late. Still if Cyberpunk 2077 can come within just sniffing distance of offering an engrossing experience like the Witcher 3 I’ll be happy.

Point being I am both dreading and looking forward to early next year. For some they could even lump in The Avengers releasing in May too. Regardless, feel free to let us know which of the three games mentioned you’re most looking forward to in the comments section or one of our social media pages. Depending on the responses we may create a separate article and even do a giveaway for the one that has the most nods.

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