Pure Opinion: Why All Video Games Should Have an Easy Mode

Uh oh. A person said all video games should have easy mode. Dark Souls is included in all video games. He wants an easy mode in Dark Souls!? Yup, and it has nothing to do with the idiotic notion of git gud. Although I must admit I use the phrase regularly in a sarcastic way. Just last week a friend mentioned he was having trouble with Until Dawn. Me, being a platinum holder since just after the game originally released, told him nice and proper to git gud. What was I talking about again? I mean Until Dawn is a great game, but that’s not what I was writing about. Although it could be because that great PS4 title was supposed to be a PS Move exclusive. Yea, not lying.

Ok, after conversing with my imaginary version of this site’s owner I am back on track. All video games should have an easy mode. That means a separate mode that can’t affect anyone who doesn’t want it because it’s harder to die and enemies don’t pack a punch. Now let me say this just once so it’s out of the way. I AM NOT ATTACKING YOUR GAMING PREFERENCES, DOWNPLAYING ANY OF YOUR GAMING ACCOMPLISHMENTS, OR TRYING TO TAKE THOSE CONTROLLERS OF YOURS AND ADDING TRAINING WHEELS TO THEM. In fact, I’m a proud gamer who beat the original Final Fantasy XII 100% and beat Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode.  

Are we at an understanding? Ok, on to the reasons and explanations. First I’d like to talk about how an easy mode can be a great way of easing people into a game. (I know it seems I’ve mentioned this series a lot the previous few feature pieces, but bear with me a little longer.) Dark Souls is a prime candidate for this category and from a personal one too. I’ve made no effort to hide my opinionated hate on From Software’s babies. Much to do with the game’s overwhelming, immediate presence and lack of given direction.

Having an easy mode would open the floodgates to a well-beloved title. It would give many the chance to get their bearings and prep them for the unforgiving experience to come when they decide to cross over into hard or meteors are raining down upon us mode. I have no problem being the poster boy to this thanks to my gaming addiction. I play EVERYTHING and ANYTHING because I enjoy a lot of stuff. Simply look up GOODKyle’s trophy information if you don’t believe me. Give me a Dark Souls easy mode and I wouldn’t have to worry about dividing my time while I’m getting hit over the head with failure. I’d be able to understand the game better and still enjoy other titles without pouring in days of simple learning.

Let’s be honest though, that’s not entirely why I dislike the series. It has made me rage something fierce. At least I can admit that. Others however, may not have such a professional handle on their emotions and we already know how stressful everyday life can be. From something simple as being late to a possible good chance of getting killed for walking in the States nowadays. Which brings me into my next point. Sometimes people just want to feel like a badass. Knowing that not much can hurt them acts as a form of stress relief. Plus, who hasn’t thought about being one overpowered motherf***er in one of their favorite games? Just stroll on through everything before or after beating the story.

The discriminated, depressed, and oppressed among us can find great joy in video games this way. Want to be that baddass super soldier you see in movies? Pick up Call of Battlefield 645: The Rise of Cobra and play it on easy. Or maybe be the next Donnie Yen where no martial artist can touch you? Try Street Tekken: Soul Kombat on the easiest difficulty. Games can bring great pleasure when you overcome adversity or something challenging and hard. But they also bring happiness when people just want to relax and be something they will most likely never be.

The same can be said with people who just aren’t good at video games, have horrible reflexes, or suffer from some kind of disability but they really have a passion for gaming. Giving them an appropriate way in would not only serve their interests better, but show how truly accessible gaming can be to anyone and everyone. Little six-year-old Timmy over there absolutely loves Kingdom Hearts, but doesn’t quite grasp some of the finer mechanics. You can see how an easy mode would help right?

The last reason (out of many) I’d like to bring up kind of ties in to one of my previous superfluous examples. I consider myself a hardcore gamer, but even I don’t want to give one hundred percent effort into each and every game. Sometimes I just want to beat the story and know what happens, especially if I’m going through my backlog, or want to go for all the collectibles a game has without all the hassle. Whether we like it or not, there are good to average titles out there that we’re interested in, but not enough to stumble upon every aspect. Tell me you haven’t had that feeling at least once right?

Prime example would also be from last week. I had Transformers: Devastation in my library from when it was a PS Plus title months ago. I finally got around to it and began the story on normal difficulty, but with every intention of changing it to easy if things got rough. It never did, but my point is that I was definitely interested in beating the game and that’s it. No other trophy hunting or new game pluses.

I can already hear the detractors even though my rousing piece of art laid bare excellent reasons for my positions. Fret not my little birdies, you don’t have to choose this universally easy difficulty setting if you don’t want to. This separate mode won’t hinder your experience in any way or take over your virtual adventures. All is as it was except more people are playing your favorite game. Plus, history has shown us that most of the time easy modes comes with restrictions. I.e. trophies are locked, some content is withheld, certain things are inaccessible, etc. So don’t worry your pretty little head about your accomplishments being trampled by those beneath you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try Horizon Zero Dawn’s new ultra hard difficulty setting with confidence. Why? Well I played on normal first instead of being thrown into the lion’s den.

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