Pure PlayStation Plays: 86 – Happy New Year!

So we’ve all made it to the last weekend of the year? Well done to all of us for surviving terrorists, rain, and Ebola. Pat on the back for all of you.

Yes, this is the last weekend of the year so this will be the last Pure PlayStation Plays of 2017 before we spend 6 months correcting ourselves whenever we go to write the year. Fun times ahead… Well, there are some fun times ahead – it’s almost New Year’s Eve! That means lots of over-indulgence on all things bad, but it means some gaming time, too, while the rest of the room is monged out on the floor after huffing glue. Or is that just how our parties go?

Chris Harding

Aside from doing everything in excess to bring in the New Year in style, I’ll be giving Gran Turismo another run to see if the single player stuff is up to snuff. Other than that I plan on being a total wreck for a few days while I come down off a massive New Year’s Eve high.

Jason Frye

I will be travelling most of the weekend, so I guess real life Gran Turismo (with less interesting cars) will be my main game. After that, I will try to plunge back into Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Stuart Mclean

Having browsed and browsed and browsed the PSN sale in search of a gem I might have missed I finally settled on Wolfenstein, before my OCD kicked in and screamed “You can’t play the sequel before playing the (rebooted) prequel!” So this weekend I find myself playing Wolfenstein: The New Order and having a jolly good time. Boooooo to Nazis!

Hannah Ellis

After spending many more hours on Farming Simulator 17 than I had planned, I (N)intend(o) to spread the love between everyone’s favourite plumbing game, Super Lothario I think it’s called, and that smooth talker Geralt in The Witcher 3. I also have a few new books to lose myself in, so if the u-bend is unfixable I’ll be losing myself in their chapters.

Kyle Durant

Pyre is a magnificent bastard of an indie game and will take up a lot of my weekend. Maybe some Madden too if it doesn’t piss me off.

Jeremy couldn’t get his submission in on time as he’s currently wandering the streets of New York City in party mode already. He’s in drag.

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