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Pure PlayStation Plays Week #1

We spend most of our week here in the Pure PlayStation HQ bashing random buttons on our keyboards hoping that we’ll say something insightful if we hit enough keys. However, one thing very few of you probably realise (okay none of you probably realise), is that once upon a time us keyboard monkeys used to reside in a little place known only as The Games Cabin and back then we used to post a feature known as Our Weekend Play Dates in which we let you guys know what games we’d be playing over the coming weekend. Well like a phoenix rising from the ashes (to clichéd?) we’re back with a brand new version of it, which will be called Pure PlayStation Plays. We’re sure you’re dying to find out what we’ll be playing this weekend, so without further ado here’s Pure PlayStation’s newest (and clearly most enthusiastic)  member to get the ball rolling.

Jake Ellis 

This weekend I have decided to continue Dark Souls 2… yes 2 not 3 as I would feel like I’m cheating myself if I didn’t complete it before I try out the third. Whole new levels of self-discipline have been tested in resisting jumping on the hype train and just playing number 3. Quite frankly this will be my fourth total restart (having not completed it the previous 3 times) and I am determined that it will be the last. I began playing it from the beginning during the week just passed but cannot wait to put some serious hours in over the weekend. Admittedly I’m not doing it alone; a friend has been coming round to take turns after each death, which instead of a Co-op Dark Souls experience has instead become a really intense game of pass the parcel (read: DualShock). I know I make the game sound like a chore but it really isn’t, the satisfaction of killing one of the bosses is unparalleled to that of any other game. If you’re interested in the Dark Souls experience since the release of number 3 but didn’t want to splash out on a brand new game and haven’t played number 2 yet, then I would highly recommend it, graphics and gameplay are both impressive even when compared to recently released titles.

Chris Harding

I’m currently torn between playing through the Ratchet and Clank games on PS Now and finishing Broforce, the latter being a real test of my limited patience.

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be playing evaluate Napoleon’s political reforms as emperor and analyse whether Gothic is a radical or conservative genre. I’m guessing you’ve never heard of those games? Well the truth is they’re exam questions and not games at all. Oh who am I kidding, this weekend I’ll be procrastinating my studies and playing some Divinity: Original Sin in co-op. I’m currently tackling a Tactician Mode playthrough with a friend and I’d wager we might be in for an even more difficult weekend of gaming than Jake. Then after that it’ll be time to try out that new level in Hitman, oh and then there’s the basket ball mode in Rocket League… yeah I think Napoleon may have to wait a little bit longer.

That’s what we’ll be playing this weekend, let us know what games you’ll be tackling down in the comments.


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