Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 103

It’s a wide open weekend for us here at Pure PlayStation. We can go out to see the new Avengers movie. We can stay in and work on our own heroic task of tackling more of our backlog. We can even find new ways to fill your eyes and ears with content. We will probably mash all or some of those together in a Voltron-esque weekend.

We may also do absolutely nothing and sleep, so that we are well-rested when we return to our super jobs on Monday (assuming we are not booked solid on the schedule already).

Here is our to-do list for the weekend. What will be making your weekend heroic?

Chris Harding

Tennis season is upon us so I’ll be taking my rackets to the digital court, all in the name of review duties of course. When I’m not getting slammed by Nadal, I’ll be pissing my neighbours off with Rock Band 4. Them drums are mighty loud…

Stuart Mclean

I am determined to free Hope County from the twisted hands of Eden Gate this weekend, as I refuse to start God of War until I have finished Far Cry 5. My plan is to buckle up, lock and load, and free the final region as the heroically mute Deputy (when real life stuff isn’t getting in the way that is, you know, like actually going outside).

Jason Frye

I will be running the demo gamut by playing PixelJunk Monsters 2 and Detroit: Become Human this weekend. After that, I will be strapping on my ax for more parenting tips in God of War, or should I say God of Eye Exams. Even after the patch, that text is tiny.

Hannah Ellis

This weekend’s going to be a trip down memory lane as I’ve managed to bag Spider Man on the PSOne. All those years ago, I was addicted to the bank heist. Let’s see if that’s still the case!

Kyle Durant

God of War will finally be beaten alongside the Rick and Morty PSVR game. Also, I’m still debating on whether to download the Detroit: Become Human demo. Is it worth it to play the beginning of the game now or go spoiler free for when it releases next month?

We are not sure where the rest of the team is today. We only know that they are making the world safer wherever they are, and that’s enough. They should be back next week to sell figurines and merchandise to make themselves fabulously wealthy. Crime may not pay, but Marvel has proven being a superhero does.


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