Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 104

It’s going to be a nice, long, hot weekend for some of us at Pure PlayStation, but for others it’ll be short and sweet. Yes, it’s May, the month of a million bank holidays and that means the team will be playing games, chilling in the sun, playing games while chilling in the sun, and eating ice cream.

As is the norm, we’re going to tell you what our weekend gaming plans are, and then we invite you to share yours down below. It’s easy. It’s harmless fun. And we’ve been doing it for two years now, so why stop?

Chris Harding

This weekend won’t be a long one for me, unfortunately, but I’ll have my fun. I’ve got a few games to blast few for next week’s reviews, but I’m going to try to get some sun time while it lasts. The big carnival is in town this week so I’ll be teaching Charlie how to beat the carnies at their own games. Still counts as gaming, don’t deny it.

Jason Frye

It’s the Kentucky Derby weekend, so everyone will be stopping everything for two exciting minutes to watch some of the finest horses in the world race. Other than that, I will be working on a review or two. Teaser time: check back on Tuesday to read about an excellent game

Stuart Mclean

It’s a long holiday weekend here in ye Olde British Isles, so if the sun decides to make an appearance I might well venture out and about and make the most of an extra day off on Monday. In reality, I will probably spend it playing God of War. Having finally managed a few hours on it this week it has well and truly got me by the short and curlies – and I’m loving it. When not playing Dad as Kratos I shall be exploring more of a game for an upcoming review, so to keep up with Jason’s teasers, stay tuned next week – it’s a belter!

Laddie Simco

I’m currently basking in the glow of my platinum God Of War trophy and will be concentrating on review stuff this weekend. I’m also hoping to find some time for the Detroit: Become Human demo.

Hannah Ellis

US has the Kentucky Derby, UK’s got the Guineas so this weekend is going to feature a lot of horses. In between checking out the going, analysing the form and having a bet, or three, I’ll probably finish Yakuza 0 before I jump into Kiwami. Life has got in the way enough – this is the weekend to rough tish up!

Kyle Durant

I plan on nothing exciting. Rocket League and Fortnite will be scattered throughout the weekend and maybe a dash of Skyrim VR. If anyone has any suggestions for me let me know. [Suggestion from Chris: Wash your Aloy body pillow, you dog.]

So that’s what we’re up to, what about you? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.

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