Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 105

There is a sharp moment of realization after you have literally (or figuratively) stepped in it. The feeling of gum (or worse) on your shoe lets you know that last step was a huge mistake. The clean up and consequences will be gross.

If there is one great thing that games teach us (there are many), it’s that we can learn from those mistakes. The underlying philosophy in most games is that we can work to improve ourselves and reach our goals. That little gem applies to anything from professional aspirations to just being a better person.

Take that people who think games are a waste of time! We all learned a valuable lesson today.

Here is what we will be doing and learning this weekend. Be sure to drop your plans and any valuable life lessons you have learned from games in the comments.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be spending most of the weekend driving, but I’m definitely going to carve out some time to play some more 2MD VR Football. It’s pretty awesome if you like American football or throwing stuff in your living room.

Stuart Mclean

I’m playing an actual proper football game tomorrow as opposed to FIFA or Pro Evo (and by proper I also mean European and the fact you use your foot, my dear American cousins :-p), so Sunday I will probably spend battling through the nine realms in God of War or trying out the latest Destiny DLC, unable to move any further due to sports related stiffness.

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Kyle Durant

The first exciting weekend in awhile.I have some Conan Exiles to play in which I’ve died an unnecessarily number of times. Then The Council episode 2 needs to be played in order to unravel that mystery, and of course Rocket League. I may continue to play Destiny 2 even though I already beat the shortest expansion known to man.

Chris Harding

I’m in need of some fun! The last really fun game that me and the Mrs played together was either Overcooked on the Switch, or Sports Champions on the PS3 and PS Move. We’ll probably spend out Saturday night playing both, and then spend the Sunday arguing about who was the better Disc Golf player. If I get a bit of time to myself, I’m really getting into Assassin’s Creed Origins’ DLC, so I’ll try and sneak a few stealthy missions in where I can.

Jason Frye

I am going to work on a couple of reviews and spend time with the mothers in my life this weekend. Thanks to all the moms out there! We wouldn’t know what to do without you.

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