Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 106

‘Tis the weekend when battle is taken out of royal(e) and all eyes are poised on Windsor. It’s not a gamer’s favourite castle; it hasn’t a kidnapped princess in its towers, nor a psychotic turtle shelled bully at its heart. Rumour has it there isn’t even a big green door. But for one Saturday at least it will grace all our TV screens, if only because the other half, draped in bunting and flag in hand, has hidden the remote.

Anyway, this is what we hope to be playing this weekend, should the buglers keep it down. We won’t complain about the guard of honour, though. That’s a nice touch.

Do pipe up in the comments box, sirs and ladies, and let us know what you’ll be up to dressed in your top hat and tails. But do go easy on that breakfast tea and caviar; you wouldn’t want to look too upper class.

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Kyle Durant

So much this weekend. The Onrush beta looks to recapture the fun of the likes of Motorstorm and Split/Second, Conan Exiles is quickly becoming a second life, and a Disco Dodgeball code to work on will leave me plenty busy.

Jason Frye

When not working on a couple of interesting reviews, I will be getting fast and furious in the Onrush beta.

Hannah Ellis

I’m playing with the enemy as I finish the last few hours of Mario Odyssey so I can finally have a go at Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Only a few years late to that party. No biggy.

* Please Note: missing team members are currently camped out on the streets of Berkshire, eager to see the blushing bride. It’s just a shame it’s Berkshire County, Massachusetts…

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