Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 108

While Summer may not be officially here (June 21st, if you’re wondering) the hot weather is laughing at our man-made calendars. Everyone at Pure PlayStation has been sweating harder than a PS Vita fan waiting for an E3 announcement that will never come. We’ve lost our grip on more controllers than we dare to mention, and we’ve run up massive electricity bills by whacking the air-con up to full blast in an effort to keep cool. Heck, I’m even tempted to play Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds just to see some bloody snow!

This weekend will be full of sweaty gaming sessions, but we’ll also be enjoying (and condemning) the sun. Here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is up to this weekend:

Chris Harding

Sweating and swearing? I’ll be working a lot at the day job, so sweating and swearing is a definite. When I’m not selling shoes to cheap skate Germans, I’ll be tucking into some games for reviews, as well as protecting my precious babies in PixelJunk Monsters 2. I’m addicted. I even take it to the toilet (with a Nintendo Switch…).

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Kyle Durant

The magnificence that is Onrush will take up most of my time this hot weekend. A little Conan Exiles I’m sure but goddamn I can’t wait to talk about Onrush.

Jason Frye

I will finish up a review and try to slice off time for a video review. I miss them. After that, I will get back to dying in Prey.

Hannah Ellis

In between work and highlights of the TT, I’ll be taking a trip back to Stardew Valley. It’s been a while since I’ve harvested parsnips. I’ll also be eagerly awaiting a price drop for TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge once the real life races are over. The temptation is proving difficult to resist, but I keep telling myself, it’s technically only one track.

So what are you lot doing on this scorching weekend? Cool off down in the comments section below.

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