Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 109

Here it is. We are only a few days away from the main event of Sony’s E3 press conference. We have to be ready. We have to be well-rested and stretch out our hands for all that typing. We will need a workout montage with a peppy rock song. We may also need some old guy who has been out of the game for a while to yell at us and show us his heart of gold, as he reveals we had what we needed to be the best all along.

This is what we are doing this weekend to reach peak condition to handle next week’s influx of amazing. Let us know what you will be playing in the comments, and, if you are the old man trainer we need for E3, send an email to the editor.

Also, be sure to give our new writer, Max, a warm welcome.

Kyle Durant

Onrush will get some love as it has recently, and I’ll try out this month’s PS Plus titles. I’ve never played Xcom, but I’ve heard good things and I have always wanted to play Trials Fusion. I’m also trying to find room for that Aragmi DLC.

Stuart Mclean

This weekend will mainly be finishing Ni No Kuni 2, although it might take more than that as I am addicted to the kingdom building part. I reckon I have a secret despot hidden somewhere inside me. If I fancy a change, I will probably jump in on the Far Cry 5 DLC as I already have the season pass, if I can fit anything in between E3 announcements.

Max Taylor

This weekend I’ll be continuing my playthrough of Kingdom Hearts and hopefully also get started on finally play Dying Light if I have time between watching E3 and packing for a trip to Tokyo!

Jason Frye

I will be finishing up a feature piece, and then it is back to the infested corridors of Prey. I have to eliminate some of the backlog, before I let it grow wildly out of control again. Why is there no support group for this behavior?

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll spend most of the weekend knuckles deep into a new RPG for an upcoming review, but I always manage to carve out some Quality PSVR time. With the untimely death of personal hero Dwight Clark this week, I plan on playing some 2MD VR Football and mastering the Sprint Right Option, the play also known as “The Catch”. Rip Dwight, and go niners.

The rest of the team is currently in transit from Pure PlayStation’s moon base (a retiring Bond villain sold it to us cheaply) to their respective bunkers on Earth to prepare for Monday’s conference.

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