Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 11

It has been a busy week here in the Pure PlayStation HQ as we tried are best to bring you – our adoring fans – as much PlayStation news as possible, as well as reviews and features. Once again the team is back to let you know what they’ll be playing over the weekend. As always you can chime in down in the comments to let us know what you’ll be playing this weekend. Wait, what’s this? A new contender has entered HQ! We’ll begin with him.

Kyle Durant

Bear with me on this because it’s going to be quite a mixed bag. Until No Man’s Sky comes out next month I’ll be playing a bit of everything to fill the void. Currently, I’m expecting to put time into Rocket League with friends and followers, Overwatch with the wife, NBA 2K16 with one of my best buds, and even the new Lego Star Wars. Also, might catch a movie because why not.

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Conor Hutton

I confess that I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before. They just never appealed to me, but it would be unfair to completely rule out playing them without at least taking one for a spin. With that in mind I asked a friend, who happens to be a big fan of the series, which one would she recommend starting with. Despite all the good things I had heard about 7 she said start with 8. Long story short, Final Fantasy 8 is now resting on my PS Vita just waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Chris Harding

My weekend involves me playing, er, actually, I’m not sure I’m allowed to say? OK, it rhymes with “smideofall”. Ahem. Yeah, it’s actually not out yet and I’m gonna be busy getting a review together. So damn good… Apart from “smideofall” I’ll also be taking a dive into Lost Sea which has just come out on PS4. I’m a sucker for colourful adventures….

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