Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 110

Get your vuvuzelas out (remember them?) and start making some noise! The World Cup is here again! Aaaaand… that, as an Englishman who knows his country is crap, is my excitement for the World Cup spent. Gaming, however, is always exciting. Here’s what myself and the rest of the Pure PlayStation team will be doing over the weekend:

Chris Harding

I won’t be watching football, I’ll tell you that much. I’ll tune in for the one game that actually matters – the final. The rest is just filler. Speaking of which, I’ll be going back into Assassin’s Creed Origins for a New Game+ playthrough. Though my gaming time is getting more and more limited, I reckon I’ll get up to level 10 before Odyssey comes out.

Most of my gaming time will be spent going through some review duties. I won’t spoil the surprises, so you’ll just have to come back and read my reviews. Thanks.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will actually be spent with a lot of time around other people. I know weird right? I’d rather hug my PS4 then actually go out. Well except for the Incredibles 2. Looking forward to that. I honestly don’t know what kind of games I’m going to play in the time I have as Rocket League’s population continues to survive solely on glue and Unravel Two still needs to be completed. We shall see.

Jason Frye

This weekend will be spent playing the new LEGO The Incredibles game with my son and spending time with the superheroes in my family for Father’s Day.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be grabbing the last few moons in Super Mario Odyssey before I trade it in for Minecraft and Harvest Moon Light of Hope. If things run ahead of schedule, and I highly doubt it with me in control of Cappy, I’ll also be trying to get a little closer to the end of Super Meatboy. Considering its short levels and simple premise, that game is a beast of a challenge.

The rest of the team was too busy watching the football to contribute to this week’s Pure PlayStation Plays. We will be throwing away their copies of FIFA and PES as punishment. 

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