Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 111

Our boss was hit by one too many koopa shells this week. But luckily he’s munched enough PacMan pills and is now on the mend. To prove that video games are actually good for your health, he’ll be joining the rest of us in front of the telly. And it’s looking like an incredible weekend; spoiler alert.

How about popping down to the comments box and letting us know what you’re getting up to this weekend. And keep it PG, please. Anyway, here are our plans.

Start McLean

I’ve finally started to work through my pile of shame and have just installed Ghost Recon Wildlands before realising it was getting late and quitting not long after the first mission. Having barely touched that I plan to give it a good couple of hours attention tonight and Sunday as I nurse a hangover from a drink festival I’m off to tomorrow.

Chris Harding

The Mrs picked up LEGO Incredibles, so I’ll spend my evening being told which bricks to break and which character to be. Once I have the consoles to myself again, I’ll be catching up on my reviews. Due to some poor health, I’ve been lagging behind, but rest assured dear readers, there will be some new reviews for you to read next week

Jason Frye

After some downtime this week, I will be back to finishing up LEGO The Incredibles for the review. So far, it’s really good. I will be going to 1970s Canada for another review. If have any extra time, I will try to finish up Prey. It’s guess it’s just your typical Canadian, superhero, scientist weekend for me.

Kyle Durant

Another slow weekend now that I’ve caught up on all newer games I don’t want to wait on discounts for. I’ve gotten back into Battlefield 1 so most of my time will be spent in the immersive shooter.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve been playing the PS Vita version of Rainbow Skies pretty hard for the last few weeks and that will probably continue this weekend. If I can stomach the stress and anxiety, I might replay the first 3 chapters of The Exorcist Legion VR and collect the few things I missed the first time through.

Hannah Ellis

I will be focusing on finishing a few of my backlog this weekend, so that means Wolfenstein 2 and Far Cry 4. Yes, I’m still on 4; blame those darn towers for putting me to sleep. But I don’t like to not see the credits so I will continue to endure.

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