Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 112

It’s that time of year again. Despite the heat making you feel like a human firework every time you venture outside, it’s time to get the family in the car and head off on vacation. Whether your trip only lasts a day, a week, or just consists of relaxing at home, be sure to have some games to keep you company as you cool off or just cool down after being stuck in a car for hours.

Whether we head out into the great wide open or stay inside to avoid human combustion, here are the games that we are using to keep our cool this weekend. Be sure to drop your selections in the comments.

Kyle Durant

This weekend finally gives me some gaming structure in the form of Red Faction Guerrilla Remastered. I refuse to call it the dumb moniker that was given to the actual title of the remaster.

Jason Frye

I always have such good intentions when I declare what I will be playing, but something always comes up. Proving that I never learn my lesson, I will be working on reviews this weekend. That’s it. Maybe. Probably. I hope.

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Stuart Mclean

I’m still working my way through Ghost Recon Wildlands, it being a Ubisoft title it has a stack of collectibles to hunt out, which brings out my OCD so of course I have to collect them, which means I’m not that far into the campaign. I reckon this weekend will be more of the same!

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be going all guns blazing in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Stealth has never been my strong point so I’ve decided to finally admit my weakness, or strength depending on how you look at it, and take aim. Should be a quicker playthrough as well.

The rest of the Pure PlayStation gang is either on vacation or loading up a big bus to parts unknown for fun, frivolity, and maybe forcing their way onto a theme park ride here or there. They will be back next week, equal parts well-tanned and well-rested.

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