Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 114

While football may not be coming home, unless you’re either French or Belgian, there’s still a lot to celebrate. Like the fact it’s now the weekend and most of us will spend it on our arses, consuming video games and unhealthy snacks.

Whether you’ve had your heart-broken by the World Cup woes (grow up, it’s just a game…) or if you’re collecting all your spare change for the wish fountain, we here at Pure PlayStation hope you get some sweet gaming time in. Without further waffle from me, here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is up to this weekend:

Chris Harding

I recently bought a PS Vita again. I know. I’m weak. But if was a birthday treat to myself and it’s actually serving a very important purpose. See, in my house, I’m not the boss. If Charlie want Paw Patrol on the TV, he gets Paw Patrol on the TV. This has left me struggling for TV time to get reviews done, but now with Remote Play (I know, I could do that on PC, but just be quiet please) I can play all my PS4 games in bed, at work, on the loo, in the bath, in the local broth – you get the idea.

So, what am I playing on my newfound OG Vita? Uncharted The Lost Legacy is getting a lot more attention now that I can cosy up with headphone and get lost in my little 5-inch screen. I’ll also be playing some native Vita games, like Unit 13 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Well, providing Charlie doesn’t decide he wants a PS Vita, too….

Jason Frye

I will be on the go this week, so I will be cheating on my PS4 with the Switch. I am finally going to give Stardew Valley a try. It’s as close to real farming as I ever want to be.

Stuart Mclean

I’ll be jumping in on Insane Robots (review coming shortly) this weekend, plus trying to work my way through my pile of shame I’ve accumulated as a squirrel would hoard nuts. It’s sunny outside, longest and hottest heat wave we’ve had in the UK for a long, long time – I don’t think there’s a better time to hide away and play games really!

Hannah Ellis

For some reason I picked up Shadow of Mordor this afternoon and started a new game. It’s been a while since I’ve slain an Uruk and I’d forgotten how fun its button mashing was, but it’s been five hours now and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. Who needs sleep anyway?

Kyle Durant

Virtually no clue what I’m doing this weekend. Maybe pick up Danger Zone 2 or play a bit more Rainbow Six Siege. Rest and relaxation is the name of the game this time.

Max Taylor

I’ll be continuing my playthrough of Hellblade as after an initial period of uncertainty I’m fully absorbed by its atmosphere and narrative
I also plan on playing the hugely enjoyable The Spectrum Retreat a second time (review coming soon) and possibly finally getting started on giving Dying Light a go

So that’s what we’re up to on this fine weekend. And now we pose the question to you: What are you playing? Head on down to the comments section below and let us know what’s on the gaming agenda. 

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