Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 115

It’s been a difficult week working out what to do now the football didn’t come home. Or, in a way, did but to the “wrong” European country. However you look at it, we’re pulling through… Slowly! FIFA’s World Cup update is certainly proving a good antidote to the commiserations, whilst the console as a whole is a welcomed distraction. Who knows, maybe 2022 will be ‘our’ year.

Let us know how you’re getting over the semi final shenanigans in the penalty comments box below. And remember, no diving! The video referee is watching. Maybe that’s what George Orwell was warning about all those years ago…

Max Taylor

Among work and my girlfriend’s university graduation I’ll be playing both Mothergunship and The Banner Saga 3 for review. Dying Light will eventually get my attention!

Kyle Durant

Kyle is donning his glad rags and braiding his hair as he attempts to be crowned Miss Aloy USA. When he’s not strutting his stuff along the mechanised catwalk, Kyle might find some time for… Who are we kidding? He’ll still be spinning on his heels come Monday.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be diving into Minecraft for the first time. Ever. As a hobby programmer, I’m quite intrigued to see what all the fuss is about and how it hooks so many players. Who knows, this time next week I could have the idea for Minecraft V2.0. Or left seeing the world as a series of sides and vertices.

Chris Harding (Late Addition)

Obviously my Friday was obviously wild enough that I missed the roll call for the weekly Pure PlayStation Plays piece, but my Saturday and Sunday are looking much more mundane: Work.

I’ll be working over the weekend with only the evenings dedicated to gaming, but I’ll be using that time well to finish of a couple of reviews, and then start on a couple more. If you’re waiting to hear if the PSVR game Along Together is any good, and if Riddled Corpses EX is worthy of your time, you’ll find them published this weekend. Hint: The latter is great on-the-go if you’ve got a PS Vita.

I’ll also be taking the super-est family in town for a spin in LEGO Incredibles, so long as I can drag myself away from the LEGO Harry Potter remasters – I’m so close to 100% on both that I just can’t stop now, can I?

As for the rest of the team, they’re probably dressed like Spider-Man and climbing a public attraction. No, it’s not fathers for justice, just another Friday night for the Pure PlayStation crew.

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